Spaceman Sparkles 3 (Steam gift/RU).

Цена: 0.91$

All Sparkles games are standalone, don´t worry about it!
Sparkles wrecked a spaceship and got kidnapped by a mysterious
Green Star, play as Magic in this new rescue adventure.

I was adding gamepad support to the original SS3D, but that didn´t work out very well so it turned into this instead. I hope you´ll have fun playing!

With music by the totally rad Ryunocore

If you want to check out OG-SS3D, select it from the popup. I´ll leave the old store page description here.

Spaceman Sparkles 3D is a frantic and groovy action shooter that takes place in a thumpin´ disco universe, this time with a mysterious magical space hat of sparkling origins.
Orbit around tiny planets, shoot space ghosts with space hearts, crack heart-gems and get keys in your adventure to save space.
Be warned though, this SpaceQuest is not for the faint of heart. Only the quickest fingers and brightest minds will make it through this gruelling adventure to save whale.
This is a short and probably kinda hard game, spinning around tiny planets might make you a bit nauseated. I do think that it´s pretty exciting though and I hope you´ll have fun with it, but if you don´t the refund system is a pretty neat feature!

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Цена: 0.91 $
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